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Femme-Clinic treatments for brides and grooms  – the best way to enjoy your wedding day while looking radiant and having a perfect complexion.
 Femme-Clinic's cosmeticians are highly experienced in  treating brides and grooms on their wedding day and beforehand. Our cosmeticians understand the special needs of brides and grooms before their special day, and will be pleased to assist you in deciding which of our various packages are suited to your specific needs
The Femme-Clinic Center offers varied packages for the bride-to-be,  for her partner, and for all the family members. These packages include facials, body treatments, professional make-up, and even sumptuous breakfasts!

Don't let your wedding day go by without Femme-Clinic's expertise in making this your most special day in
your life.

Bride and Groom Packages

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