Cellulite Treatment and Slimming

New method for treating cellulite, narrow-ranging diet Pam - Clinique Mall Ramat - Aviv 
Pam - Clinique Mall Ramat - Aviv therapist Dr. Wiraganc specialized system of the body''s health and treatment of cellulite. Dr. Wiraganc machine in Europe, "Pope cellulite" and he spent many years researching the phenomenon of cellulite. Cellulite is a lymphatic system failure, not being able more effectively drain excess fluid and waste accumulated body fat cells. Effective treatment for the lymphatic system, causing a significant reduction in the amount of cellulite constricting the scale in these regions. Dr. Weiraganc not satisfied with the understanding of the phenomenon, but with a team of scientists has developed innovative devices based on advanced technologies. These technologies are also used by the U.S. space industry, "NASA." Cellulite bothers about 80% of all women. 
Pam cellulite treatment - Clinic consists of four steps: 
Lymphatic drainage: removal of toxins and stimulating lymphatic system. 
Stimulating fat Thai: Thai-burning oxygen flow and encouraging the construction of fat cells manufacture collagen. 
Solidification: strengthening the connective tissue to tighten the skin. 
Purification: strengthening the body and lymphatic system muscles, nutrition and increased metabolism in the body.
Course of treatment techniques are five different devices: 
1. Vacumed- 
The Vacumed is an advanced device to treat cellulite and health body, is developed in cooperation with NASA, "based on space technologies, to enable proper lymph circulation astronauts in a state of weightlessness. A combination of all five of these methods of cellulite treatment center Pam - Clinique Mall Ramat - Aviv, causing the removal of cellulite, diet Ulahcrat scale. 
Innovative program to treat cellulite Pam Clinic, constricting the diet scale integrated Diatkneit certified professionals has a degree in nutritional science, who will accompany you through the treatments and match you with your custom, according Lmidotiich weight. 
Nutritional counseling borrowers under the program is free.
 Effective treatment for: cellulite treatment
  • Constricting scale
  • Weight loss
  • Loose skin
  •  Speeding up metabolism
  •  Varicose veins bonus mirror
 The end result of treatment: constricting scale
  •  Improvement in the appearance of cellulite
  •  Weight loss 
  •   Shapely body 
  •  Solid and tight body

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