Gift Vouchers
Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Would you like to give someone special to you a pampering present that you will choose? To pamper yourself for special occasion or to just make an ordinary weekday special?
Our Gift Cards are eligble for purchasing cosmetic treatments, body treatments, body and facial care products, designer jewelery and much more.
All you have to do is decide the desirable amount and we will already send the Gift Card to the gift recipients adress. The reciever of the card will have a pleasant surprise - and you will have the pleasure of giving a great gift.
Here we present a limited and selected range of extra pampering treatments and products which we can recommend as a gift for anybody.
But if you wish to give something that isn't here you are invited to explore our site and choose from hundreds of treatments and products, to find the right one you want to give. And after you order we will contact you.
All of our products can be shipped in elegant gift wraps, and the gift and treatment vouchers can be mailed

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